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Being a host

Q : Do I need to pay anything to host a Come Round party?
A : No however for some parties you maybe asked to pre-order or purchase the item beforehand in order to qualify as a host. We send party hosts completely free of charge to their door-steps a lovely party pack full of goodies for hosts to share with their party guests. Each Come Round party has a different party pack and unless Come Round is providing party snacks, drinks and decorations, then this is something that party hosts may need to pay for (depending, of course, on how generous a party host you are!).

Q : What’s the catch?
A : All we ask of Come Round hosts is that
(a)   You all have a good time (obviously)
(b)   You talk, talk and talk about the party to as many people as possible both before and after the party online and in the real world!
(c)  You take part in the party activities
(d)   You and your guests answer some questions which we’ll ask you  all to complete shortly after the party. That’s all – there’s no catch!

Q : Will Come Round pay me back my expenses for putting on a party?
A : Sorry, no. We’ll get you on your way with a great party pack for you and your guests. However, you may need to buy snacks, drinks, decorations and other party bits n pieces.

Q : How old do I need to be to host a Come Round party?
A : You need to be over 18. If you are under 18 but over 13 years old, then you must get the permission of your parents or guardians before applying to host a Come Round party.

Q : Do you ever run parties for under 13 year olds?
A : Yes we do. And in those circumstances, anyone under 13 years old is required to give us the telephone number of their parent or guardian when applying to host a Come Round party. Come Round will then telephone all under 13 year olds’ parents or guardians and as such under 13s will only be considered as party hosts once Come Round has obtained verbal telephone permission from their parents or guardians. The parents or guardians of under 13 year old hosts are also responsible for obtaining the permission from the parents or guardians of any invited party guests who are under 13 years old.

Q : How do you pick who gets to host a Come Round party?
A : We need to match the right party hosts to the requirements of our clients (i.e. the lovely people who are supplying all the free party packs). For example, if they tell us they just want female hosts, then sorry lads – better luck next time!

Q : How do I know I’ve been chosen to host? Will I receive an email if I’ve not been chosen to host?
A : Yes. You’ll get an email from us giving you good news or bad news. Often those pesky junk mail filters put our emails in your junk mail folders, so do check in there to see if you’ve been picked. Or simply just log into your Come Round account to see if you have been “Shortlisted” or “Not Shortlisted”

Q : I’ve deleted the email you sent me telling me I’ve been picked to host a Come Round party. Can you re-send it to me?
A : No need! Just log into your Come Round account.

Q : Do I need to have a Come Round account in order to apply to be a host of one of your parties?
A : Yes you will need to have a registered Come Round account in order to apply to be a host of any of our parties.

Q : Can more then one person in my household have a Come Round account?
A : No, only one account per household.






Inviting guests

Q : How many guests need to confirm they are attending my party?
A : Unless we state otherwise, there should be 10 of you at each party (i.e. you + 9 friends).

Q : Can I invite more guests than the required number?
A : Yes if you’ve got the space! However, bear in mind that there may not be enough goodies inside your Come Round party pack to go around if you invite too many people.

Q: If I invite a couple who have one email address between them does that count as two invitations?
A: No. One guest per email address.

Q : What if I not enough of my guests have confirmed they are attending my party?
A : It could be that you won’t be able to host your party. The reason for this is that all the party packs are provided free of charge by our partners. Understandably, they are only happy to let this happen if they know that enough people will be at the parties.

Q : How do I invite my guests?
A : Guests can only be invited through your Come Round account. If you are “Shortlisted” to host a party, then log in to your Come Round account and follow the simple guest invitation steps there. You’ll need email address’ for all of your guests in order to invite them through your Come Round account. You can only invite your guests through your Come Round account - that way we can see how many people are coming to each party.

Q : Can I invite guests any other way? (e.g. text message, Facebook, Twitter, phone…)
A : No. Only guests invited via your Come Round account will count.

Q: How do my guests RSVP?
A: Once you invite a guest through your Come Round account an email will be sent to that guest asking them to RSVP through a unique link in that email. That email will take them to the Come Round website where they will need to RSVP to say whether they are or are not attending your party.

Q : Can guests RSVP any other way? (e.g. text message, Facebook, Twitter, phone…)
A : No. 

Q : Do all my guests have to RSVP?
A : Yes,  the required number of guests need to have RSVP’d to say they are attending your party. They need to have RSVP’d through their Come Round account before the relevant deadline. Otherwise you are unlikely to receive a free party pack.

Q : What if my guests don’t have email addresses?
A : Then please email us at

Q : Will Come Round be telling the whole world that I’m having a party and revealing my name and address?
A : Absolutely not! All we do is send a private email to the guests you want to invite to your party.

Q : Who will see the address where my party is held?
A : Only the guests you’ve invited and our delivery company we use to deliver you your party pack.


Q : How old do I need to be to be a guest at a Come Round party?
A : You need to be over 18. If you are under 18 but over 13 years old, then you must get the permission of your parents or guardians before attending a Come Round party.

Q : Can I include my own personal message on the invitation which is sent to my party guests?
A : Yes, you can. There is a text box where you can add your own message 

Q : My guests are saying they aren’t receiving their invitations. How do I help them?
A : First off, tell them to check their junk mail folders just in case their invitation is lurking in there.  Please also ask them to check their junk folder settings as something in there could also be blocking our invitations getting through. If that doesn’t work, please email us at

Q : Do I need to invite all my guests in one go or can I come back and invite them one by one on different dates?
A : Yes. You can simply log into your Come Round account and send more invitations any time you like as long as it’s before the relevant deadline. 





The Party

Q : Can I choose where to host a Come Round party?
A : Typically Come Round parties take place in people’s homes. It is absolutely crucial that party hosts get permission from that home-owner(s) before applying to be a party host. Without that permission, you cannot host – sorry.

Q : Is there a particular date I need to hold my party on?
A : Yes, all parties must be held on the date advertised by Come Round. That’s how we get the nation partying all at the same time! This is important.

Q : I’ve been chosen to host a party but can no longer make it on the required party date. Can I reschedule the party?
A : Hmm not really.  But we understand that life can be unpredictable so if you think you might need to reschedule your party, then email us at as soon as possible. In extreme cases, we will allow a party to be rescheduled. If we do allow you to reschedule, be sure to tell your guests of the new party date! And please make sure that it’s as close to the original party date as possible, otherwise you’ll feel a bit left out when the rest of the country is partying and talking about their parties!

Q : Does it matter what time I host my party?
A : It’s up to you and your guests unless we tell you that your party should be at a specific time of day.

Q : How long should my party last?
A : As long as you want!

Q : What am I supposed to do at a Come Round party?
A : Have a good time (obviously). We nearly always create some party activities which, as a party host, you must take part in. There are usually some really exciting party competitions in relation to those activities where you and your party can win fab prizes.




The Party Pack

Q : When will my party pack arrive?
A : Typically a few days before the party date.

Q : How will my party pack be delivered?
A : We tend to use courier companies, so we can track the whereabouts of all the party packs. 

Q : What if I’m not at home when my party pack is delivered?
A : There should be a delivery card through your letterbox, so you can contact our delivery company and re-arrange delivery.

Q : Can I have my party pack delivered to my work address?
A : Yes, on your Come Round account you can change the address you would like your pack to be sent to. If you don’t change your delivery address we will send your pack to the address that we have for you on our system.



Q : What will be inside each Come Round party pack?
A : It really depends, but we will always include goodies that relate to the party theme, some of which may be exclusive to Come Round partygoers. Plus we may include products or promotional material from relevant third party brands. 

Q : I have seen an image of the party pack online and my pack is different. Why?
A : Please be aware that if we post an image online of a party pack that it is meant for illustrative purposes only and that the contents of your pack may be different to what is shown.

Q : What do if an item is missing from or damaged in my pack?
A : Contact us at and we should be able to arrange for the missing or damaged item to be delivered to you in time for your party.